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April 16, 2012

Undefined behavior in strncpy() explained

Microsoft says the behavior of strncpy() is undefined if the source and destination strings overlap. Below is the x86 disassembly code of msvcr100.dll!strncpy to see what behavior we can expect in certain scenarios.

The function is longer than functionally required because, when it's possible, it uses dword size to access to the memory, otherwise it uses byte size.

In the disassembly code below, I highlighted the memory read and write instructions as well as the instructions increment the pointers to the source and destination strings. We will focus on the highlighted areas.

ESI is the pointer in the source string, EDI is the pointer in the destination string. Each time when the memory is read or written either the source or destination pointer is incremented. The value of the increment is either byte or word size.

Let's assume the strings overlap. There are three possible scenarios.

Scenario #1. The pointer to the source string is greater than the pointer to the destination string. We copy the data from the higher memory address to the lower memory address, and we know the strings overlap. Therefore, we will overwrite data in the source string. Since the data is read before it is overwritten, it doesn't lead to misbehavior.

Scenario #2. The pointer to the source string is equal to the pointer to the destination string. Same as Scenario #1.

Scenario #3. The pointer to the destination string is greater than the pointer to the source string. We copy the data from the lower memory address to the higher memory address, and we know the strings overlap. The data in the source string is overwritten before it is read leading to misbehavior.
6E9A2AD0  mov         ecx,dword ptr [esp+0Ch]
6E9A2AD4  push        edi
6E9A2AD5  test        ecx,ecx
6E9A2AD7  je          6E9A2B6F
6E9A2ADD  push        esi
6E9A2ADE  push        ebx
6E9A2ADF  mov         ebx,ecx
6E9A2AE1  mov         esi,dword ptr [esp+14h]
6E9A2AE5  test        esi,3
6E9A2AEB  mov         edi,dword ptr [esp+10h]
6E9A2AEF  jne         6E9A2AFC
6E9A2AF1  shr         ecx,2
6E9A2AF4  jne         6E9A2B7F
6E9A2AFA  jmp         6E9A2B23
6E9A2AFC  mov         al,byte ptr [esi]
6E9A2AFE  add         esi,1
6E9A2B01  mov         byte ptr [edi],al
6E9A2B03  add         edi,1
6E9A2B06  sub         ecx,1
6E9A2B09  je          6E9A2B36
6E9A2B0B  test        al,al
6E9A2B0D  je          6E9A2B3E
6E9A2B0F  test        esi,3
6E9A2B15  jne         6E9A2AFC
6E9A2B17  mov         ebx,ecx
6E9A2B19  shr         ecx,2
6E9A2B1C  jne         6E9A2B7F
6E9A2B1E  and         ebx,3
6E9A2B21  je          6E9A2B36
6E9A2B23  mov         al,byte ptr [esi]
6E9A2B25  add         esi,1
6E9A2B28  mov         byte ptr [edi],al
6E9A2B2A  add         edi,1
6E9A2B2D  test        al,al
6E9A2B2F  je          6E9A2B68
6E9A2B31  sub         ebx,1
6E9A2B34  jne         6E9A2B23
6E9A2B36  mov         eax,dword ptr [esp+10h]
6E9A2B3A  pop         ebx
6E9A2B3B  pop         esi
6E9A2B3C  pop         edi
6E9A2B3D  ret
6E9A2B3E  test        edi,3
6E9A2B44  je          6E9A2B5C
6E9A2B46  mov         byte ptr [edi],al
6E9A2B48  add         edi,1
6E9A2B4B  sub         ecx,1
6E9A2B4E  je          6E9A2BEC
6E9A2B54  test        edi,3
6E9A2B5A  jne         6E9A2B46
6E9A2B5C  mov         ebx,ecx
6E9A2B5E  shr         ecx,2
6E9A2B61  jne         6E9A2BD7
6E9A2B63  mov         byte ptr [edi],al
6E9A2B65  add         edi,1
6E9A2B68  sub         ebx,1
6E9A2B6B  jne         6E9A2B63
6E9A2B6D  pop         ebx
6E9A2B6E  pop         esi
6E9A2B6F  mov         eax,dword ptr [esp+8]
6E9A2B73  pop         edi
6E9A2B74  ret
6E9A2B75  mov         dword ptr [edi],edx
6E9A2B77  add         edi,4
6E9A2B7A  sub         ecx,1
6E9A2B7D  je          6E9A2B1E
6E9A2B7F  mov         edx,7EFEFEFFh
6E9A2B84  mov         eax,dword ptr [esi]
6E9A2B86  add         edx,eax
6E9A2B88  xor         eax,0FFFFFFFFh
6E9A2B8B  xor         eax,edx
6E9A2B8D  mov         edx,dword ptr [esi]
6E9A2B8F  add         esi,4
6E9A2B92  test        eax,81010100h
6E9A2B97  je          6E9A2B75
6E9A2B99  test        dl,dl
6E9A2B9B  je          6E9A2BC9
6E9A2B9D  test        dh,dh
6E9A2B9F  je          6E9A2BBF
6E9A2BA1  test        edx,0FF0000h
6E9A2BA7  je          6E9A2BB5
6E9A2BA9  test        edx,0FF000000h
6E9A2BAF  jne         6E9A2B75
6E9A2BB1  mov         dword ptr [edi],edx
6E9A2BB3  jmp         6E9A2BCD
6E9A2BB5  and         edx,0FFFFh
6E9A2BBB  mov         dword ptr [edi],edx
6E9A2BBD  jmp         6E9A2BCD
6E9A2BBF  and         edx,0FFh
6E9A2BC5  mov         dword ptr [edi],edx
6E9A2BC7  jmp         6E9A2BCD
6E9A2BC9  xor         edx,edx
6E9A2BCB  mov         dword ptr [edi],edx
6E9A2BCD  add         edi,4
6E9A2BD0  xor         eax,eax
6E9A2BD2  sub         ecx,1
6E9A2BD5  je          6E9A2BE3
6E9A2BD7  xor         eax,eax
6E9A2BD9  mov         dword ptr [edi],eax
6E9A2BDB  add         edi,4
6E9A2BDE  sub         ecx,1
6E9A2BE1  jne         6E9A2BD9
6E9A2BE3  and         ebx,3
6E9A2BE6  jne         6E9A2B63
6E9A2BEC  mov         eax,dword ptr [esp+10h]
6E9A2BF0  pop         ebx
6E9A2BF1  pop         esi
6E9A2BF2  pop         edi
6E9A2BF3  ret
This is not what I recommend to rely on when you code, though. Not to mention there is a safer version of this function that is strncpy_s().
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