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December 22, 2014

Use of refactor can make Visual C# 2013 to crash

For the change I'm working on a C# project not much to do with security. I was happy to re-discover and use the refactor feature in Visual C# 2013 until the point it crashed. Here are the simplified steps to reproduce the crash.
  • Create an empty Visual C# project, or open any C# project.
  • Add a class like below.
  • Do right-click on hello in hello = true, select Refactor, then select Remove Parameters...

  • Visual C# crashes.
Note, I was able to trigger the crash by an alternate way by simply using the hotkey Ctrl+R, Ctrl+V when the cursor is within hello in hello = true.

The bug reproduces with the up-to-date version of Visual C# 2013 Community Edition.
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