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October 24, 2011

Fuzzing ROUNDs

When you have already implemented some functionality in your application you might be thinking about how could you get even more with less coding, for example by reusing existing code.

This weekend, I wanted to code less, and I had an idea. I've updated my Flash fuzzer with a new functionality that I call ROUND. It's a very simple addition and I expect it to be powerful.

If you use the round command line switch you can define how many fuzzing rounds you want to apply on a particular file. If you use round=1, that wouldn't result any change, it's just a normal one round fuzzing, you should get the same result as without using round switch. However, if you use for example round=2, that means, the fuzzing will be applied twice on the particular file. It is similar to the case when you perform fuzzing on sample that already fuzzed, but you can now achieve it with a command line switch.

So that was the idea for the weekend.
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