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December 3, 2011

Finding the Question

Some time ago, you saw something you were impressed about it. That time, you didn't have a detailed understanding about the inner working of the thing but you found it interesting anyway.

These days, you need to accomplish something. You think this would be similar one to the thing you've seen before. You are trying to look after it on the Internet but you can't find any useful material. You ask your friends about it and they are able to provide something but those don't seem to be relevant for you.

You're looking into the technology to research more info. You find things that seem to be close to the one you've imagined however they include other approach that is not suitable to you. The good new is, at least, you've realized it is possible to accomplish something in a way even if it's not suitable.

More findings reveal that you can't get the thing in a way you've originally imagined. However, you know what you can get, and you know a way how to get that even though that way is not suitable to you. This point you know the question. So you have to look after the answer now.

You know if you do reverse engineering you'll find the answer but actually it looks to be a long process at first glance. You restrict the code by try to focus on the relevant areas and you realized that you can use symbols that makes the code human readable. The start seems to be tedious but you keep looking and exploring the code even if you don't exactly know what you're doing. You have finally found something you are after. It's a small but impressive finding.

You realized to understand much more about the technology by this small finding. You're more confident now. You have an idea how similar technologies are designed.
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