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December 28, 2011

Software and Visual Thinking

Being said that the design of Graphical User Interface should not introduce new functionality in the application. The GUI and the functionality should be separated, and implemented on different levels which pretty much seems to be logical for me, but I'd add something important to this general claim.

There are people, including me, who are more of visual types. For me, visual things excite the imagination and when representing things visually, I can create new things from them that have some kind of value.

It happened to me numerous times to get new ideas involving awesome functionalities during the design of GUI. These ideas didn't come to my mind when I was focusing exclusively on functionality design.

Freedom inhibits creativity. When you're on the design of GUI, there are many restrictions (that you can see) and this stimulates the brain to create some new ideas.

I've imagined an application consists of multiple functions. Actually, it is a mix and improvement of some tools I wrote earlier. I'd put these small ideas into one application, by doing so, there is the possibility to connect those small functions to work together and would take the advantage of it. Also, I have some ideas about functionalities that I've seen in other applications, albeit that need change according to imagination.

The basic is as follows. The input is the (unknown) binary file. You can browse the file, can discover the structure of it, can display distribution diagrams and others. Also, can apply particular algorithms on data such as decoding compressed stream or display multimedia content.
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